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Obviously the best approach is to prevent the breakdown from occurring in the first place.

Recognizing the warning signs of a nervous breakdown and reducing and managing stress levels can often produce excellent results and prevent the total collapse usually associated with a nervous breakdown.

Conventional treatments once signs of a nervous breakdown are observed by a physician usually consist of prescribed anti-depressants or other psychiatric medications.

These can have serious side effects as they are high schedule drugs.

Choosing the right one depends on the diagnosis of the individual case, as there is no standard cure.

There are ways to prevent a nervous breakdown, conventional treatments, nutritional supplements and many other therapies to choose from.

Everyone talks about finding a happy medium, managing your anxiety without triggering a panic attack, but to me when it comes to my brain's chemistry, it seemed a little foolhardy to play a guessing game when it came to how much weed I should be ingesting. However, eventually, with the advice of my therapist and a licensed doctor, I realized that trying a low dose of marijuana medicinally might hold the answer for me.

Related: TERRIFYING: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You're Stressed That said, I have also heard horror stories about my anxious friends having serious panic attacks after smoking weed.Special attention should be paid to taking extra vitamins in the B complex, particularly Vitamin B6 and B12.Products such as a complete multi-vitamin and/or Epi-Still™ may also provide relief from symptoms of overactive nervous systems.RELATED: 3 Peaceful Ways To Combat The Stress Of Your Divorce My reasons for smoking marijuana are not unique.A Yahoo News-Marist survey found 37% of participants cited this stress-relieving benefit, compared to 19% who turn to marijuana for pain relief, 16% who use it "to have fun" and 3% who report its effectiveness both as a sleep aid and a sexual booster.

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I avoided smoking marijuana for a really long time.